Publishing Your Blog

So I started to wonder if those hits I had last night from the Google and Yahoo search bots meant that my blog was being indexed. A little bit of playing around later and I realised that it didn’t seem to be the case.

Do you know that Google provides tools so that you can examine what they know about your site? Check out their Webmaster Tools. Equally Yahoo also allows you to manually sumit your site here.

Because it’s gonna be a blog I figured I’d try and submit it to some of the blog directories. Technorati came top of list, and in order to validate my ownership of this blog I need to include this link to my Technorati Profile.

For the record with Google and Yahoo, claiming ownership of my blog was done by creating a small file on my “server” with a specific filename, which in turn they use to validate that I’m me!!

Right, now I’m waiting with baited breath to see how long it takes before I’m indexed by Google and Yahoo.


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