Summer TV

Everyone knows that the summer is when all the tv programmes stop, and that there’s that big lull till september comes back around and everything starts back up. Of course, thats only mostly true. There are plenty of programmes which air during this off-season … and so here’s a few which I’m following at the moment …

10 Things I Hate About You : “Two sisters who are complete opposites must deal with their overprotective dad while trying to survive high school.”

Dark Blue : “The activities of a police task force that operates deep undercover.” led by Dylan Mcdermott of Big Shots and The Practice.

Drop Dead Diva : “A vapid model is reincarnated in the body of a brilliant plus-size attorney.” aka a fat lass.

Hung : “A high school basketball coach tries to turn his luck around by making a profit from his biggest anatomical asset.” Yes, you read that right. Thomas Janes (The Punisher) plays Ray Drecker …. who apparently has a really big cock. Down on his luck, he sets about trying to see if he can squeeze a few quid out of it. Only on HBO ….

Make It or Break It : “Teen gymnasts train for the Olympics.” ABC Family Drama.

Mental “A very unorthodox psychiatrist (Chris Vance – Whistler from PB) takes over as Director of Psychiatric Services at a Los Angeles hospital.”

Nurse Jackie : “A nurse (Edie Falco from Sopranos) in a New York hospital balances her tough job with various personal problems.”

Royal Pains : “A blackballed doctor accidentally becomes the physician of choice for the rich and famous in the Hamptons”

The Philanthropist : “A life-altering experience causes a billionaire playboy (James Purefoy) to become an unconventional vigilante for those in need.”

These programmes are just the one’s I’m watching, usually on the day, which doesn’t nessecerily make em great ….. but good enough. There hasn’t been a huge amount of episodes of each, so whilst not enough to warrant specific Yea/Nays, suffice to say they’re holding my attention.

So who ever said, that there was no TV in the summer.

PS: There’s also new episodes of Better Off Ted airing at the moment, plus we have the recent return of Entourage, Leverage & True Blood.

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