TCA Winter Tour

The Television Critics Association’s (TCA) biannual Press Tour has been going on since Saturday. It’s typically a shindig where all the networks and their stars come out to shop their warez, talk about upcoming projects and generally to get people to love em …

Notable highlights so far included (in no particular order)…

Showtime talked about The Borgias, a new series about the notorious Renaissance-era family. Jeremy Irons will star as Rodrigo Borgia, the family’s patriarch, in his first series-regular role. It’ll essentially be filling the Tudors boots, which is due to finish up this year.

Most everyone took the opportunity to laugh and point at NBC and their failed prime-time Jay Leno experiment (Its being pulled from its 10PM slot starting Feb 12th). The silver lining of course is that NBC will be commissioning a shedload of new pilots to come up with the shows required to fill the 5 prime time hours Leno will be vacating.

Showtime reminded us all that United States of Tara is due back in March. Expect the family to be at least one member bigger.

Life Unexpected is coming to The CW on Jan 18th, apparently the critics already love it. Will anyone else though… ?

Expect Eric Kripe to have 30 pieces of silver dangled in front of him in an attempt to force a turnabout vis a vis his longstanding assertion that Supernatural would run for 5 seasons and no more.

Watch out for Jack Black appearing in an upcoming episode of Community, Sharon Stone in 4 eps of L&O:SVU, Dawson arrives at Mercy general for 8 eps and Kathy Bates to appear in an ep of The Office .. hmmm ..

Heroes will almost certainly get another season on NBC thanks to the Leno fall-out.

You might recall that during the upfronts I mentioned a show called Day One, which I figured was a sort of Jericho’esqe clone. Well it had been originally slated as a mid-season replacement with an order of 13 eps. That was later shortened to a 4 ep mini-series, and this week we learn that’ll it’ll actually air as just a two hour movie. Wouldn’t surprise me to see it get turned into a full season order (again) for next year if it isn’t totally shit, given the number of holes NBC has to fill.

Network chiefs are talking about bringing us Law and Order : Los Angeles. Cos you know, what we really need is MOAR L&O!!

Deal or no Deal’s Howie Mandel, will be stepping in to replace The Hoff on America’s got Talent.

Watch out for the new Jerry Seinfeld produced “the marriage ref” due to hit screens after the winter Olympics. It’s a comedy-reality hybrid with the trappings of a sports show — including announcer Marv Albert — which takes squabbles between married couples and settle them once and for all via the Marriage Ref, comedian Tom Papa. A panel of celebrities will also watch the taped arguments and try to sway Papa’s decision.

GLEE is to be picked up for a second season. Unsurprisingly. (PS : if you haven’t watched GLEE, seriously consider giving it a go).

Bones turns 100 in April with a Boreanaz directed ep recounting their first ever case working together. Pffft, it doesn’t sound like no Criminal Minds “head in a box” moment …

As has been well reported in the dailies here, Cowell is done with American Idol for now, so that he can work on bringing X-Factor to the states. Both shows will be on Fox. XF pre xmas, and AI remaining in its post xmas slot. Remains to be seen how they can differentiate the two brands.

Other networks (including Fox) are apparently circling like vultures around NBC in the hope of poaching Conan (who is possibly peeved at the likely timeslot bump he’ll be getting).

And finally, to mark last nights 100th Ep of How I Met Your Mother, here’s some of the cast speaking at the TCA Press tour about their favourite moments of the show .. More info, including interview here.


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