Fall TV time …

Finally got around to watching the rest of the Fall Pilots. Its a mixed bag as always – but here’s the rundown ..

The only show on ABC to immediately make it into my recurring download queue was Last Resort. It follows the crew of a nuclear submarine who get a little miffed when their own government try to blow em up, and respond by taking over an island and declaring a 200 mile exclusion zone around it. Created by Shawn Ryan (of The Unit and The Shield), this is exactly the sort of high concept fare which always gets my viewership. Unfortunately – much like Flash Foward, Terra Nova etc – it seems the rest of the world doesn’t think like me as it’s currently sticking up the place ratings wise. At its current levels of about a 1.3 (18-49) rating I can’t see it making it to the end of the season … which is a shame.

666 Park Avenue feels a bit like American Horror Story. Following a couple who take up a job as managers of a swanky apartment block .. which just happens to be owned by a demonic dude (Terry Quinn – Lost) …. who isn’t terribly nice. Its ratings are just as shitty as LR above, so don’t get too attached. If it wasn’t for the ratings I’d probably watch it – which I guess is some sort of compliment.

Nashville – follows a pair of duelling country singers. The aging Connie Britton (of FNL and American Horror Story) vs the young Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader from Heroes). Not my cup of tea, a little too soapy. Though my mother watches it, and I could definitely see it as a program you might feed to your missus. Ratings are fine so far.

Rounding out the new shows on ABC is The Neighbours – their only comedy … following a family who move into a gated community only to learn that all their neighbours are aliens stranded on Earth. Rubbish.

CBS’s only addition to ma download queue is Elementary. Their retelling of Sherlock Holmes starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu – set in New York. If you set aside any actual comparison to anything you might know about Sherlock Holmes (otherwise it’ll just annoy you) – it’s not bad. Essentially a cop procedural I guess. If the likes of Castle or Bones are your thing, you’ll find this an easy addition. Plus it’s doing pretty well ratings wise.

Vegas – Set in 1960’s Vegas – it follows Sherriff Dennis Quaids dealings with bad guy Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey of the shield) and assorted shens that only the early days of Vegas can provide. On the bubble ratings wise, and was probably a toss up for me as well … but I opted for parking it – though I’ll perhaps revisit it at the end of the season if it survives.

Rounding out the Eyes new shows are Partners and Made in Jersey. The former is a poor comedy which isn’t long for this world, whereas the latter was cancelled after its second episode. Nuff Said.

Over on the CW – Arrow went straight into my download queue before I’d even watched the pilot. Superhero fare following the Green Arrow – I had been expecting a show with a Smallville feel to it – though in truth its a little more srs biz than that. eg  he actually kills people, and there’s a background plot involving all sorts of nefarious shens involving his family etc… which I like. It’s doing a stormer ratings wise – only second to the Vampire Diaries – so it’ll be around for a while. Worth a watch if superheroes are your thing.

Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang of Smallville) is the eponymous beauty in Beauty & the Beast. She’s a detective obsessed with the murder of her mother years before, and he’s an ex army dude who should have read the bottle for known side effects before letting himself be used as a guinea pig for dodgy drugs, and now has a tendency towards a slight skin issue. If, like me, you’re willing to watch any ould crap just cos its a got a hot girl in it then you’ll be happy. If you require more than that – then perhaps consider it as TV you might be able to watch with your missus. Maybe. It’s a toss up ratings wise.

Emily Owens MD rounds out the new CW fare. Struggling in the ratings, it follows a first year intern at a shiny hospital. Though it may as well be a high school drama. One for the girls …

FOX got no new shows into my download queue. The Mob Doctor is DOA and not worthy of any additional comment. Ben & Kate surprised me my getting a full season pickup. I like my 22 minutes comedies as much as the next guy (probably more), but this struck me as rubbish.

The Mindy Project was the toughest call here. Created by and starring Mindy Kalin (of the The Office), there was a huge amount of buzz around this show before hand. A quirky enough comedy about a single doctor looking for luv yada yada, I could easily be convinced to give it a second chance if anyone else out there says “hey mo – give the mindy project a second chance”. Doing fine ratings wise. (In fact its already got a full season order)

And finally over on NBC, we have a stonking four new shows (of a total of six) which have made of the Mo-Cut. ™.

The New Normal is a comedy about a young mother who moves to LA to become a surrogate for a gay couple (and to escape the influence of the awesome Ellen Barkin). I’ve only watched two of them, but it strikes me a being better than average fare. As an aside, the NBC affiliate in Utah refused to carry the show …. cos having The Gays on tv was apparently not appropriate during a family hour of tv!

Featuring in the same comedy block as TNN is Go On – following Matthew Perry’s sports radio dude trying to get over the loss of his wife by attending a support group. The eccletic bunch of characters gives the show a Community feel (without any of the pop culture riffs). I like it.

Revolution is post-apocalyptic fare set 15 years after the lights went out. Initially it had me thinking of the Hunger Games, but that was mostly just because the lead is a girl, and little else. But there is more to the show, with subplots around how to turn the lights back on, and some nasty militia types who well …. aren’t very nice. As I said before, high concept shows always work for me. The only difference with this one, is that it’s doing a storm in the ratings. In fact it’s the most watched thing on NBC.

The only NBC show which got a Mo-Pickup, but has a question mark over its future is Chicago Fire. Think ER but in a fire station rather than a hospital and you won’t be far away. An easy enough watch.

The two remaining shows over at the peacock are Animal Practice and Guys with Kids. Both are comedies, with the former being canned already, and latter a dead show walking. And even if it wasn’t, it’s shit.

And that’s pretty much it.

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